South African Foods

4 months ago

The kinds of South African foods that you can find when you are on holiday in South Africa will delight you. If you are someone whose nature insists that they explore new tastes and new things, you’re going to be thrilled with your exploration of South African foods. The food and drink in South Africa is comprised of recipes that come from myriad different cultures. The input from the gentler far western areas brings with it some of the less spiced foods. From the cultures such as the eastern ones, you will find more spiced foods, while the hearty farm type foods come from the Dutch input into South Africa’s cuisine.

Groceries in South Africa are rarely a problem. Good foods can be found nearly anywhere and the variety that you will find will literally amaze you. The farming communities can supply you with nearly any type vegetable or fruit that you might wish for, while the game that is available for use is plentiful. Gourmet foods may cost a little more than you are accustomed to paying but they are not in short supply, while travel foods, such as the always popular Biltong are sold nearly everywhere. Recipes for South African dishes are plentiful on the internet as well as in the local community. Any housewife or shop keeper will be pleased to share a traditional South African foods recipe with you so that you can go home and make it for yourself.

The Cape area brings with it it’s own traditional food offerings. Products to make some of those heady foods that you find on your African holiday are readily available in most places, although you may not always find it easy to get the game meats that you like once you leave the country.

Traditional foods in South Africa are such a wide array of mixed traditions that it’s safe to say that nearly every community has what it considers to be traditional foods. The different cultures and communities each have foods that are specific to them for certain celebrations, and as day-to-day fare.

Make sure that while you are in South Africa on your holiday you try at least one or two of the traditional foods of each different culture and community. You won’t want to miss a single thing during your visit to South Africa. Part of the beauty of the visit to areas that are unknown to us is not only taking in the sights, the sounds, and the culture, but also experiencing some of what that culture offers us. South African foods have such a vast array of interesting textures, tastes, and spicing, that you won’t want to miss a thing.


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