Lamb’s kidneys South African Foods

4 months ago

South African Recipes

South African farmers and residents were always considered to be a very self reliant group of people. The South African recipes and traditional foods will show this to be true. When any animal was taken, every portion of that animal is used. Likewise, when berries or farm produce is taken into the home, nearly all parts of it are used for something, whether it is food, dyes for cloth, or fodder for the herds.

The cookery of South Africa takes recipes from many cultures that have lived in South Africa, or been part of its development. The different foods that are part of the culture and tradition there include some very delicate taste treats, inspired by the Western recipes, some very spicy foods, which take their inspiration from the East, while traditional South African foods such as Biltong have their place in the cooking of South Africa too.

Recipezaar offers multiple examples of South African cooking and recipes for those who might like to try some of the most traditional of South African foods. In addition to the Recipezaar you will also find some wonderful examples of south African cooking on Rainbow Nation which are permitted to be used and reprinted by you.

Among those recipes which are considered traditional to South African cooking are recipes for blueberry dishes, for dried meats, for organ dishes such as kidney pie, for very different drink recipes, and recipes that use the scraps of various things in an effort to keep your food economical.

One example of the traditional recipes that we find in African cooking,( taken from Rainbow Nation) that take their cues from the British and Dutch background is this recipe for devilled kidneys, which is considered a typical Sunday breakfast.

8 Lamb’s kidneys, washed and cleaned
3 medium onions, chopped
1 Tbs oil
1Tbs butter
4 potatoes, diced
1 Tbs Worcester sauce
2 Tbs tomato sauce
8ml salt
1ml pepper
1 cup chicken stock
1 Tbs sherry


Your exploration of South African recipes will take you through multiple continents and countries, with the resultant food being some of the most unique that you will ever taste.


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